Sunday, 15 January 2012

Thanks To Those Who...............

The things that I SHOULD :

Thanks to those who HATED me, you made me a stronger person.

Thanks to those who LOVES me, you made my heart grow fonder.

Thanks to those who ENVIED me, you made my self-esteem grow stronger.

 Thanks to those who CARED about me, you made me feel important.

Thanks to those who ENTERED my life, you made me who I am today.

Thanks to those who LEFT me, you showed nothing last forever.

Thanks to those who STAYED with me, you showed me the true meaning of "LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP".

Don't Let ME Raise My MIDDLE FINGER!!!

I wrote this to the person WHO deserve it....!!! 

P/s : Don't ask GOD to make your life easier, ask HIM to make you become a stronger person.




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